Our Values


Nobody sets out to fail. Nobody sets out to do something badly or even to be average at it. It’s a human nature to want to be successful; to want to be the best, a winner; and to be RECOGNIZED as a winner.

The same theory can be applied to everyone we come into contact with:

Our Clients – Success

Be they big, corporate branded or the little independents. They guys behind them didn’t start out one day saying “I know, lets open an average restaurant; lets become one of those restaurants with 3 stars on Trip Advisor where we deliver average food and average service…” Their thought process was more – “We’ve got this GREAT idea for an epic restaurant concept which is going to involve EXCELLENT food and industry leading service. We want to stand out for all the right reasons, we want to be the best restaurant in the area, rated #1 on Trip Advisor and we want to be SUCCESSFUL…” It is a deep set PASSIONATE belief and one which they TIRELESSLY work towards.

Our Candidates – Success

No-one ever sets out on their hospitality journey to be a Steady Eddie/Average Joe. They haven’t woken up one day thinking, “I know, I’ll just be an average manager. I don’t want to be known for being a great leader or a brilliant manager, just OK will do for me…” Instead, they more likely have visions of being a market-leading and even industry-changing individuals, wanted by the best in the industry and mapping out a SUCCESSFUL career…and are most likely taking the steps towards making this happen.

Us Consultants – Success

Why did YOU chose recruitment? Was it to be “ok at it”, “average”, was it just because it was a job? Very doubtful. More than likely you chose to explore RECRUITMENT because you believed that you could be REALLY good at it – SUCCESSFUL – and would make a difference….and every day, you do EVERYTHING you can do be the best consultant you can be…

Appetite –Success

When Nick set up Appetite back in 2003, he had absolutely no intention of being a one-man band in a tiny back office with a phone and the yellow-pages forever! He envisioned being a LEADING hospitality recruitment business, dealing with market-leading clients and candidates and with a team of outstanding consultants who believed in his vision. He set out to be SUCCESSFUL.
The definition of ‘SUCCESS’ is personal to everyone and what defines your (or their) journey as a SUCCESS is entirely subjective.
The WHY of what we do at Appetite is to contribute (or be a part of) to the success of everyone we engage with.

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