APPETITE was founded from a desire to share our knowledge and hunger for the hospitality industry. It all started with only one member, Nick Clover- the founder and director of the company. Since 2003 Appetite has continued to grow into a company with one of the most prestigious and reliable teams in the industry with more than 25 people that are feeding the appetite for this restless industry in the best way possible.
We wouldn’t be here today without the team, the people that every single day invests their passion to deliver success. Here at Appetite it is all about people. We all appreciate the fact that every discussion is a chance to learn something and only by communicating with the people in the environment you can create opportunities and improving to be the best.
Being part of team appetite means that every single one of us is responsible, so we make sure that our values are transmitted accordingly to our clients and candidates both. In order to maintain our standards we have regular team building meetings, we speak about the challenges encountered by every member of the team and solve them like you would do in a family unit. We are proud to say that we all share the same dream and values for this kind of business.
The continuous competition within the industry insures that we improve ourselves constantly and that we carry on increasing our standards to be number one. We are confident that by going the extra mile we always deliver the right expectations and standout from the crowd.

Why would you as a Candidate recommend Appetite?
There are plenty of reasons for you to choose APPETITE VALUES!
First of all we take the time to meet you personally, to have a friendly and enjoyable chat so that we first of all understand what you are looking for and what your needs are. We take the time to be more than your recruitment consultant, we like to build a relationship, and having a fun and engaging relationship is a must for us.
We really appreciate honesty, therefore you should expect us to be supportive and genuinely caring but to also give you a positive pressure in order to achieve the best results, we are here to support you.
Most of our consultants come from within the hospitality industry, therefore our consultants know exactly the requirements of the market. Consequently they are able to cope with every single possible issue that might appear.
We like keeping things simple so all you have to do is to talk to us when you’re looking for a job and we’ll guide you from start till the end.

Why would you as a Client recommend Appetite?
Being on the market for more than 13 years speaks for itself. All our contacts are built on good relationships, if you’re happy we are happy, that’s why we deliver with enthusiasm the best candidates for your company.
Listening and understanding your business allows us to be fast and professional.
We add value to our service by being efficient and always available for every matter that could appear.
In this fast- paced society we need to adapt and change so every day we’re improving to be the best.
We understand better than everyone that human resources are a great factor in a business economy so our interest is to provide you our best services in the fastest and easiest way possible
We are so confident in our work that you only need to pay for our services after we have placed a candidate with you.
“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.”
Simon Mainwaring
In our latest team building meeting our team illustrated the same idea in various ways. The core message was that we deliver a great service with passion in a very simple, fun and engaging way. Obviously every single one of us is unique, but in the end that’s the most important, with a very personal approach everyone is guided by the same principles in order to achieve only the best results!

With love. Team Appetite