Restaurant Show 2016

 We loved Appetite at the Restaurant Show 2016

The Restaurant Show 2016 was a fantastic event to take part of, we are very glad that we attended the event as exhibitors,  it gave us the chance to meet new and exciting people but also meet up with our good friends as well.

We want to congratulate the organizers for their involvement and support before, during and after the event.  You did a great job.  Many thanks for that!

   This year was our first participation at the event and we can truly say, that it was an event to remember and one that we would like to be a part of again in the future. There were more than 450 exhibitors supplying absolutely everything from food and drinks through to furniture and EPOS, it was pretty amazing to see, it basically had all you could need in one single place for you to grasp and experience.  Whether you are comparing products, looking for new opportunities or seeking guidance or inspiration from top chefs, business leaders and experts, including experts in feeding your Appetite 4 Recruitment, the Restaurant Show definitely was the right place to be during 03-05 October, 2016.

The most exciting part of the event, obviously apart from the great experience to taste everything that you can imagine from aromatic herbs with the taste of apple blossom to caviar, were the live events taking place on the Stage Industry Spotlight, the Liquid Hub and of course the mighty Competition Theatre.

The Competition Theatre was the place where all the  magic happened, young aspirants that only dreamed about it; became chefs and we, ordinary visitors to the Restaurant Show experienced the emotions in a professional 5 star kitchen.  The Competition Theatre fed our appetite for the  Young National Chef Of The Year, National Chef Of The Year, Junior Chef Of The Year, Apprentice Chef Of The Year and of course The Senior Chef Of The Year. There was a great atmosphere there, and above it all there was a cloud of all those great flavours, spices, and colours that you could possibly imagine. It was an amazing opportunity to see the chef’s emotions whilst they were making masterpieces, because after all, without emotions everything is worthless, emotions make us alive and all the participants were more than alive, they were driven by the passion for cooking.

For us this was a great show, we had a blast and we want to say thank you to the greatest team ever- Team Appetite – for a sustained effort to attend the show and make the most of it, but also we would like to thank our visitors who took time to come and visit us, talk to us and catch up.

As a company being hospitality based and many of our recruiters coming from a similar background it was great to talk to likeminded industry people, meeting up with clients and candidates alike and really getting a grasp of the ever changing  industry needs.

 We’re are truly thankful for that and let this be just the beginning for a great tradition.