Nick Clover

Hospitality Ambassador, Nick has grown up in the Industry with a diversity that ranges from the fast paced Branded Sector to beautiful 5* Hotels. During this time, Nick successfully completed an honors degree in Psychology. The subject of Psychology continues to be of interest while Rugby also comes very high on the agenda.Ten years ago Appetite was formed in 2003 and what a journey it’s been! Nick’s roots are in Hospitality and to Recruit for great companies while representing inspiring people is what it’s all about.The first year of Appetite was Nick, a one man band networking in the industry and finding solutions to his client’s skill shortages. Having not recruited within Hospitality Recruitment (or permanent recruitment at all!) he started with an idea and is proud to have worked hard to put a portfolio of clients and candidates together from scratch.Since the start, Appetite has experimented and grown steadily… with a couple of key colleagues, Nick took Appetite back to basics during the economic downturn and re-branded Appetite in 2010.The simple aim was to increase the standards within Hospitality Recruitment. Appetite now work from 4 office, five key divisions and are just warming up! Nick works closely with the team and together they have created an enviable company culture which combines ethics and an integration of Appetite’s core values to The Hospitality Industry.Nick is as passionate as any member of the Appetite Team and loves what he does. It’s why we do what we do that counts. It seems a while ago since his first job when he was washing up pots in the local pub for pocket money!


First ever job -Paper round / washing pots at a pub

Favourite Film? – Lock Stock

Fun fact about me – There’s nothing fun about me (J) other than I bore people about rugby

What is your nickname? -Nitch

 Who is your idol? – Sir Clive Woodwood 

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? -Chris Evans

Favourite quote -It’s been emotional!